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Downtown Residents Council - Cincinnati, OH

Stepping Out Downtown

Fun Folk Rock: Christine Havrilla & Mama’s Black Sheep

7:30pm March 28

DownTowne Listening Room-Shillito Lofts

Christine Havrilla fuses folky-funky creations with pop-rock inspirations to deliver an energetic live show full of upbeat originals and mesmerizing musicianship. Mama’s Black Sheep is the creative collaboration of Ashland Mille...

DRC Social

7pm April 10

Sleepy Bee Cafe, 8 E. Fourth

Our social after the Tuesday, April 10th meeting will be at The Sleepy Bee Cafe and Aster Social Sippery on 8 E 4th Street. The general manager plans to come to our meeting and talk about both places and then take us on a tour of...

Be Sure to See...

Help Stop Panhandling. Cincinnati has a very detailed law controlling panhandling. See how it protects you. Additionally, here is a helpful brochure on how you, your neighbors and your colleagues can make change without providing spare change.

Secure Your Vehicle. Learn more about how you can better secure your vehicle with this downloadable brochure from the Cincinnati Police Department.

Don't Miss Today...

Modern Americana Music: Twangtown Paramours w/ Eric Gnezda

7:30pm March 24

DownTowne Listening Room-Shillito Lofts

Be a Member!

Membership has its benefits! A growing number of downtown merchants offer discounts to DRC memberts. See our current list. Why not join today?

We Meet Monthly

We encourage you to join us at our monthly meetings - 6 pm the second Tuesday in the Tower Room of the Public Library. Minutes for our last twelve meetings are available here.

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Pedestrian Safety Survey

The City of Cincinnati is launching an online survey tool to give residents a simple, interactive way to report their concerns about pedestrian safety. The web-based tool, known as the Pedestrian Safety Survey, is available at http://cagisonline.hamilton-co.org/pedsafetysurvey/ through April 30, 2018. Survey submissions are anonymous.

The Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE) will use the responses to identify trends, which will help it determine where future safety improvements could be made. “As a crowd-sourcing tool, the Pedestrian Safety Survey will help us gauge the magnitude of a specific concern,” said Michael Moore, director of DOTE. "We will use the feedback to prioritize safety improvements in our neighborhoods." A trial version of the survey was tested last August.

The survey isn’t a substitute for the City’s Fix It Cincy! app or Citizen Service Request (CSR) site at www.5916000.com. Residents should continue to use those tools to report specific maintenance requests. The survey tool complements the Fix It Cincy! app and CSR site because it is interactive and allows individual users to share their feedback anonymously with other members of the public.

Our Downtown on the Move

Downtown Cincinnati is now home to over 6,000 residents, with more arriving every month as new condos and apartment homes are completed. The Downtown Residents Council works to develop a community atmosphere, conducts projects to improve the quality of life, and voices concerns of residents at City Hall.

We work closely with the Police Department on safety issues and Downtown Cincinnati Inc. and 3CDC on development and promotion efforts.

Help Us Stop Graffiti! Call it in! If you see graffiti on a building, sidewalk, rack, etc. please help us get rid of it ASAP. The longer graffiti stays up, the greater the invitation for more. Please contact DCI Ambassador Director Zac Finch when you see graffiti. Zac will dispatch a team to photograph it, report it to the police and remove it. Zac's number is 513-383-5075.

Ambassador Hotline. To contact a DCI Safe and Clean Ambassador, call their hotline at: 513-623-3429. In an emergency, always call 911.