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Report to the DRC Board Meeting of June 8, 2017 by Alan Bunker, Committee Chairperson

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, May’s Clean and Safe meeting at the 3CDC offices was not held.

Perennial flowers (and weeds) continued to emerge along the Path and at the Purple People Bridge (PPB). The rainy weather had softened the ground enough for easy weed pulling. Plans were made and implemented for continuing the DRC’s annual planting of flowers in the PPB’s seven flower pots. Bags of potting soil were purchased, as were flowers (at reduced prices), and applied to the seven pots. Through an arrangement with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB), a donation of flowers was obtained from Benkens Florist & Nursery. The twenty-four yellow petunias were planted to supplement the purchased flowers. Cincinnati Parks will turn-on the irrigation lines to the pots and thus eliminate the need to manually water the flowers. The perennial flower beds opposite the seven pots were weeded and de-littered.

On several occasions, minor amounts of litter were removed from the Path. The kinds, locations and amounts of litter have formed a pattern, possibly attributing the source of the litter to the same individual(s). Accumulated fallen leaves and mulberries were swept up from the walk. A small area of graffiti on the wall was painted over. This was the third graffiti incident since the DRC painted the wall two years ago this month. The owners of the adjoining parking lot continue to mow the grassy area of the Path. The perennial flowers planted a couple or more years ago continue to spread and fill-in the open areas. Native, daisy-like flowers (Fleabane), are occupying some other areas, thus adding to the Path’s flower population. They will be removed when their blossoms are spent. During a visit to the Path earlier in the month, it was discovered that the large electrical vault adjacent to the Path had been vandalized. A large metal plate covering the vault’s ground level entrance was missing, thus posing a public danger. Within 24 hours of reporting the hazardous condition, the proper authorities responded (yeah!) and replaced the cover, thus making the Path, once again… clean, green and safe!