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Report to the DRC Board Meeting of July 6, 2020 by Alan Bunker, Committee Chairperson

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, May’s Clean and Safe meeting at the 3CDC offices was not held.

Perennial flowers (and weeds) continued to emerge along the Path and at the Purple People Bridge (PPB). The rainy weather subsided as we entered a dry period. Water was brought in to supplement the irrigation system. In spite of the dry weather, weeds continued to emerge and were removed. Some flowers planted last month in the seven pots on the PPB were vandalized but promptly replaced. In spite of the Cincinnati Parks turning-on the irrigation lines to the pots, watering was supplemented during very dry periods. The perennial flower beds opposite the seven pots were weeded and de-littered as needed. So far, the flowers in the pots and in the planting beds appear to be growing well.

As found in earlier months, minor amounts of litter were removed from the Path. The kinds, locations and amounts of litter continue to form a pattern along the Path. Accumulated mulberries were swept up from the walk at least once. There were no further incidents of graffiti on the wall. The owners of the adjoining parking lot continue to mow the grassy area of the Path. Low branches of the trees were pruned out of the head space of the grass cutter and Path users. A dozen perennial plants, obtained at reduced prices, were planted to help fill-in some open spots. With the dry weather and no source of water on the premises, water was carried in from the Riverfront Park and applied to the newly-planted flowers on four occasions. The last of the naturally-occurring native, daisy-like flowers were removed as their blooms faded. During a visit to the Path early one Saturday morning, a large dead doe was discovered. (Some have speculated that it was struck by a vehicle on East Pete Rose Way and then ran down the Path until it expired.) The authorities were called and the carcass was removed within 48 hours. Flowers that were damaged in the process were removed, thus making the Path once again… clean, green and safe!