Downtown Residents' Council Meetings & Activities

June 14, 2011 Member Meeting

Date of meeting: Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Time/Location: 6:00 PM, Cincinnati Public Library (800 Vine St.)

Welcome and Introductions

DRC President Chris Smith called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Cincinnati Police Department: Monthly Report

  • Lt. Hennie - Noted theft from autos (TFA) issues mentioned at last meeting (areas that previously were hot spots); TFA analysis map before/after referenced and noted areas are making progress (including year over year); noted that during major events downtown there are a lot of TFA; please continue to make people aware of the issue and lock up stuff in car
  • P.O. Neack - Neighborhood officer for downtown - 210 W 8th St Apt 2 SWAT served a drug trafficking warrant Friday afternoon; three arrested including renter (even though person looking for was not there); was high risk entry due to previous gun issues with suspect, but no guns recovered; these issues are not common downtown; contacted owner of the building; resident of downtown complaint driven raid; sometimes takes a while to act on complaints for various reasons, but ultimately police came through; very rapid response and conclusion.

Cincinnati Fire Department - no report


Rich Cappel - Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP)t

  • Happy about the reduction in TFA in a small part due to the work off COPP patrols
  • 31 of 52 neighborhoods participate in COPP with 600 total members (30 downtown)
  • COPP members act only as witnesses (do not actively interact with crime)
  • Training consists of 12 hours classroom and an 8 hour ride along (gave ride along anecdote)
  • Classroom training includes how to use police radios, gang info, etc... (driver and bike training also available)
  • Tours by Homeland Security and of 911 Center are occasionally provided
  • Next classes are on August 11th, 18th, 25th (August 5th deadline to sign up); classes also offered in October
  • Individuals who join are asked to commit to one three hour patrol per month if possible
  • Patrol duties include: walking patrols, 2 cars for District One for driving patrols, TFA "tickets", patrol events
  • We need more volunteers for downtown (2012 is particularly a big time for downtown - World Choir Games for example) (Eric Franz wants 100 active members for downtown as a goal)
  • Training received on how to identify people even helped with catching someone passing a fake $50 bill
  • Hospitality a good portion of our job, so downtowners are key as knowledgeable members
  • Conrad Thiede mentioned that very rarely has he had to use the radio to call in issues; important that we note issues like lights our, graffiti, broken pavement; these have immediate impact on our life downtown
  • Ben Wissel noted patrols of two downtown allowed making creating patrols easier
  • Question about VIP versus COPP - Rich answered mainly just how it was previously marketed
  • Question about patrol types (car/bike/etc...) - we tend to do walk or car, but could get people to sign up for training and start a bike patrol

Zac Humphries with Messer Construction - Rehabbing of the Metropole to the 21c Hotel

  • Speaking directly on construction only; Zac and a few others onsite at all times if needed
  • 7:00am - 3:30pm with some off hours work (quieter) like elevator work
  • 200 people working there (many are carpooling)
  • sidewalk and lane closure (permit for the next year)
  • Will try to avoid blocking alley area; when used only quickly and on off hours
  • People in white suits are due to asbestos (certified contractor working on negative air chamber and filtering air before venting it out to the area); people shower afterwards and waste is sealed
  • Construction entry off double set of doors on Gano Alley (number listed on those doors with phone number; so please call if there are any issues with something out of the ordinary like blocking alley, issue, etc...)
  • Question about how long construction will last - 18months (not outside that whole time)
  • Member noted about roofline in back is causing trucks to block the garage entrance to a residential building - noted he is aware of truck mentioned and he will speak to that individual contractor

Adoption of May 2011 Meeting Minutes
Roger Ach motions to adopt and seconded by Susan Lennard - all in favorr.


Call for new Committee Members - Chris Smith
Noted committees and called out for people to join (email us directly or via sign in sheets)

DCI Ambassadors Picnic - July 22nd in Lytle Park - Craig Hudson
DRC is having a thank you picnic 11:30am - 2:00pm
Come by and say thank you to the DCI Ambassadors for all the great work they do Lynne Smith worked with Le Boxx who is donating lunches for the DCI Ambassadors Need volunteers for set up and break down as well as serving food $5 donation if you'd like a lunch for the event; must RSVP by next DRC meeting

Summer Arts at the Main Library - Conrad Thiede
Noted volunteers who were there June 8th
Programs this year are focusing on children books illustrators
Librarian talks about the artist for 15 minutes or so as education; afterwards volunteers spend time creating pieces of art with the children (one to be left behind to adorn the building and one to take home for the volunteer/student) There are morning programs, but volunteers already in place for these day camps; Evening volunteers needed
Last year over 4000 kids were involved with these events (DRC been sponsoring for 7 years)
Upcoming dates/times noted and will be on the ENewsletters and DRC calendar


Communications Committee: Conrad Thiede

  • Visitors Center training is the first Saturday of the month
  • July 24th - Volunteer day at Great American Ball Park (Summer Arts volunteers, holiday light volunteers, Great American Cleanup); Sunday day game; email with the volunteer event you did and if one/two tickets needed
  • Macy's Music Festival is coming to town July 29th-30th
  • Facebook - become a fan of the DRC and share on the site to show what we're doing here downtown
  • LULAC convention coming downtown so be sure to sign up for the Vistors Center and enjoy the events on Fountain Square
  • Businesses front line staff training tomorrow (see CVB site
  • Officer Greg Meadows retiring - stern looking, but quite nice bike cop downtown; retirement reception Thursday, July 7 from 11:00am to 3:00pm at Cappel's (917 Race Street), so stop by to say thank you for his service

Events Committee: Marty McGlinchey
TONIGHT: Join us at Knockback Nat's after the meeting!
June Social: Tuesday, June 28th @ Neons (5:30pm to ???). They will have the grill going for food purchases

Treasurer's Report: Craig Hudson
$9863 balance

Government Relations Committee: Craig Hudson
Approval for NSP budget received

Membership Committee: Susan Lennard and Mike Glotfelter
Bromwells offering free delivery
If your business would like to join or you would like to solicit a business let us know
Tomorrow night membership meeting
Mike Glotfelter works for 3CDC and noted music every night on Fountain Square

Casino Update: Craig Hudson
Casino deal has been struck, but nothing else to share outside of the news releases

Clean, Green and Safe Committee: David Siders

  • Purple people bridge DRC plantings are done (three planters near the Cincinnati side); Chris Smith picked out flowers and he, David Siders and a friend planted (check them out and clear any garbage/weeds if you see any)
  • Question about sign for the planters - none yet, but may need to put up own signage
  • Still working on Path to Taft area - Craig Hudson and Chris Smith worked with city forestry department to cut down certain trees and put down wood chips and weed killer (hopefully this week)
  • We will tap into Great American Cleanup and interested DRC members to do cleanup of the area when the time comes (email David Siders if interested in helping)
  • Dog Recreation Area Committee: Chris Smith
  • DRC supported this group in the past; DRC Board has voted to dissolve the relationship with this committee; we still cover insurance on the site for volunteers for all of 2011
  • In the future if there is progress we could revisit the relationship
  • Other dog recreation areas coming online downtown (Washington Park and the Banks)
  • Conrad Thiede noted in the past we kept some separation in part since we were not a 501c3; as they received more money than the DRC the relationship has become financially lopsided; the DogRA group is relatively inactive
  • Rick Dieringer noted some work has been done; graded and gravel, but a lot of people have been parking there since they know they can park for free
  • Craig Hudson noted no DRC money used to support DogRA (only act as a pass-through)
  • Robert Ach noted we are tied to this project due to past association
  • Gina Gartner with DCI - thank you for organizing the Ambassadors Picnic; updated panhandling posters with most recent ordinances are available (some in back)
  • Gina Gartner with Lighthouse Youth Services - August 13th Walk the Walk fund rasining event walking 2.4 miles up Vine Street - need sponsors and team captiains
  • Crystal Frederick with Inner Peace Center - DRC business member and offering discounts
  • Tom Thinnes on Breakfast Lecture Series at the Masonic Center - thank you for attedning the last event; next one is August 9th with the new UN Appeals Tribunal; November 2nd lecture about the World Choir Games

Motion to adjourn by Hugh Koon and seconded by David Siders - all in favor

Approximately 40 people in attendance

Respectfully submitted by Ben Wissel - Recording Secretary.