Downtown Residents' Council Meetings & Activities

May 8, 2012 Member Meeting

Date of meeting: Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Time/Location: 6:00 PM, Cincinnati Public Library (800 Vine St.)

(Pre-Meeting slideshow collage by Lynne Smith)

Welcome and Introductions

Chris Smith and C raig Hudson called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Chris Smith introduced Craig Hudson as the new president of DRC, Craig will also continue to provide updates on the Casino; David Siders is the new Vice President; Tom Thinnes is the new Treasurer and NSP Contact; Julie Carpenter is the new Recording Secretary; Marty McGlinchey is continuing as Corresponding Secretary and chair the Events Committee; Mike McManus will be the new chair of Clean, Green and Safe; Susan Lennard will continue as chair of the Communications Committee; Mike Glotfelter and Mike Governanti are co-chairs of the Membership Committee. Craig thanked Chris Smith and Ben Wissel for their commitment and work with the DRC.

Cincinnati Police Department: Monthly Report, Doug Neack, neighborhood officer for Downtown & Mt. Adams

  • Downtown Services Unit, Central Business Section is responsible for Downtown.
  • Uniforms are changing from white to dark blue shirts the new uniform will be fully implemented before the end of May.
  • Question about whether, with the new police chief, CPD will handle gang activity more aggressively – Response included working with community groups to identify issues. Also have a program to examine graffiti to look for gang symbols. If you see graffiti, please report it to 513-591-6000 during business hours or go to so it can be documented and removed.
  • Question about the possibility of putting up cameras in Piatt Park. Response – there are some private cameras in the area and there are a number of police cameras nearby.

Adoption of March 2012 Meeting Minutes
Motion to adopt by Jay Joyc and seconded by Chris Smith - all in favor


Paula Rose, Christ Church Cathedral

  • Founded in 1817 by William Henry Harrison. Located on 4th Between Sycamore & Broadway
  • Throughout its history Christ Church has served the Downtown community. Offer programs to underserved populations in OTR, Avondale, Pendleton and Downtown including hunger walks, Tuesday evening meals (5000 club), rental assistance, and youth programs (Elementz). Also offer Jazzercise and Music Live and provide grants to other organizations as well.
  • World Choir Games – CCC will be a venue for performances and are looking for volunteers.

David Siders, Manager of Popular Library at the Main Branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

  • Summer Arts at the Library – DRC partners with the Children’s Learning Center to offer arts programming in June and July. Schedules are on the tables, if you are interested in volunteering please contact Carolyn Jansen
  • Popular Library has DVDs, CDs and Fiction books. Also have Play Aways – a portable MP3 player with audio books. The Popular Library collection also includes audio books. Books in foreign languages are also available.
  • Programs offered at the library include – Homework Assistance (at the Help Center on 9th Street), Tech Center offers courses including Excel and digital photography
  • Book circulation continues to be strong. Digital and downloadable materials continue to increase.
  • A mobile application is available for Android and iPhones – you can request books, renew materials,
  • Book Club to Go – kits provided by the library have 15 books, discussion questions, and a poster to advertise book club, a wide range of book titles are available, they can be requested through the website
  • Virtual Library – contains downloadable materials, including e-books and audio books. Technical help is available. Music downloads are also available and an entire section of materials for children
  • Genealogy and Local History Department – includes the panorama, genealogy resources as well as workshops and trainings on how to do research
  • My Cincinnati House – program this Saturday at 2 pm – on the Boulter House, a Frank Lloyd Wright property in Clifton
  • Cincinnati Turner Society program on June 9 at 2 pm

Events Committee: Marty McGlinchey
TONIGHT: Join us at Blue Wisp (corner of 7th and Race) after the meeting
May DRC Social: Hilton Netherland, Monday, May 14 anytime after 5:30pm

Treasurer's Report and Government Relations Committee: Craig Hudson
Approximately $9,300 balance and are finalizing our budget for this fiscal year

Casino Update: Craig Hudson
City Council Livable Communities Committee introduced and passed an ordinance to have a Casino Neighborhood Working Group which will include representatives of the six neighborhoods surrounding the Casino (Mt. Adams, Mt. Auburn, Pendleton, OTR, Downtown, and Walnut Hills). The group will work to make sure the Casino is an asset to the city and will troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Membership Committee: Mike Glotfelter (individual) and Mike Governanti (business)

  • We are trying to offer more exposure for our business members – highlighting some each month on the agenda, and website
  • And to make sure individual members are aware of the benefits of membership

Communications Committee: Susan Lennard

  • Reds Game on May 23 is DRC night at the Ballpark. You can bring friends/family who are not DRC residents. Price is $35 which includes a $20 ticket and a $15 concession voucher. You can order tickets through a link on the DRC Facebook page. All tickets will be in the same area.
  • Metro has a service expansion/structure survey available on their website – they are eager to get public input. Their new director is very interested in improving intra- and inter- neighborhood connections. They held a series of public meetings as well, which were not very well attended. Please provide your feedback – what would make you ride Metro – through their online survey.

Clean, Green and Safe Committee: Mike McManus and David Siders
Mike is an aquatic ecologist who works for the Environmental Protection Agency Fire hydrant painting has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 20, at 1 pm. Coffee Emporium will be providing coffee.

  • Reiterated using is a great way to report graffiti and other issues. There is a map function that is very usable if you don’t have the exact address, it will help you
  • Corporate Challenge – Mayor wants to involve businesses in clean up activities downtown. Laurie Quinlivin’s office is working on the Path to the Taft (Cincinnati side of the Purple People Bridge). Friday, May 11 at 8 am is the work day. DRC has provided many volunteer hours to clean up the Path over the past few years. We are really pleased that the project has attracted an increased level of support and activity.
  • Craig Hudson, Dr. George M. Vredeveld will speak on Cincinnati’s economy at the Cincinnati Masonic Center on May 9. A free breakfast is served at 7:45 am. The lecture starts at 8:10 and concludes at 9.
  • Ron Moseby, candidate for State Representative, Maurice Sendack passed away today, lives in North College Hill, former Naval officer, was Chief of Staff for three different council members 1998-2003, worked with DOT and Walmart, focusing on education and small business,
  • Rick Dieringer – Neighborhood Summit, citywide gathering of community activits, neighborhood groups, city staff and elected officials. Saturday, May 19, Breakfast provided by Busken at 7:30 am, lunch provided by Kroger. Discussion focused on how the city will develop over the coming decade. Looking at the new comprehensive development plan, form based code charrettes, and how people can participate in the process. Pre-registration is requested
  • Health Plus Coaching is offering a June 2, Health and Wellness workshop in Blue Ash featuring guided imagery, creating balance, hypnosis for weight loss and smoking cessation. Ms. Cincinnati Magazine, free and available at Krogers
  • Tom Tressler with Go Vibrant – created the walking routes around downtown. Will be connecting routes to Mt. Adams and Newport. Are also working on routes in Northside and Clifton as well. Trying to make healthy living easier. Working to facilitate and coordinate recreation center and other outdoor/fitness clubs & organizations
  • Julie Carpenter, announced tomorrow is Museum Day on Fountain Square, 10 am – 2 pm, and that The Big Shake exhibit will close at The Betts House at the end of May.

Approximately 50 people in attendance

Respectfully submitted by Julie Carpenter - Recording Secretary.