Downtown Residents' Council Meetings & Activities

March 13, 2012 Member Meeting

Date of meeting: Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Time/Location: 6:00 PM, Cincinnati Public Library (800 Vine St.)

(Pre-Meeting slideshow collage by Lynne Smith)

Welcome and Introductions

President Chris Smith called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Cincinnati Police Department: Monthly Report
Sgt. Matt Voegler - Nighttime supervisor assigned specifically to the Central Business District (CBD) based at 150 E Freedom Way; theft from autos (TFA) has had a dramatic decrease in the last couple of weeks due to major offenders being locked up recently; noted recently a judge was warned to keep a TFA criminal locked up, but the judge did not agree and three days later the TFA offender was picked up again (going before the judge again soon); Occupy Cincinnati members had charges dropped due to outdated park rules that were too broad so the City of Cincinnati settled; new rules are now in place; please email with questions about the settlement and will provide updates at the next meeting
Ed noted there were a lot of people drinking on Vine street near the library - noted to call in the incidences since we are the 24 hour eyes and ears of the neighborhood; noted that 765-1212 goes to the same center as 911, but 911 gets priority (only difference)
Ben Wissel questioned about assault 10pm @ Central Parkway and Walnut - teens kicked out of Newport on the Levee after the movies are migrating to Downtown Cincinnati where officers round them up to their busses; some broke off that evening into smaller groups (~12 were arrested that evening); some ended up tipping over items as well as a few assaults occurred
Question about every Saturday fight noise around 2:30am-3:00am near Shillito Place - people walking out of the bar being loud (side area); Sgt. Voegler will put a watch on the area next Saturday

Cincinnati Fire Department - no report


Rick Dieringer - Invest In Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Fund & Neighborhood Support Program
Rick is Director of Invest in Neighborhoods - a coalition of community councils in the City of Cincinnati (DRC is a member)
In the 1980s communities were trying to find ways to get financial resources for their neighborhoods
Neighborhood Fund (NF) founded in 1982 is an endowment fund to support community growth and development; Greater Cincinnati Foundation maintains the funds (currently $840,000); in order to become member each council needed to pledge $5440 (corporations also donated to the fund); each year proceeds ~$750 each year (varies depending on returns) are distributed to communities that apply
Primary source for community councils is the Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) from the City of Cincinnati; initial idea was city would provide $2million to neighborhood fund (cannot do by law), but has instead in 1986 funded at $10K per neighborhood; in 1990 the City of Cincinnati entered into a contract with Invest in Neighborhoods (IIN) to administer NSP since it could be done cheaper; program is designed to fund projects that improve the neighborhood with some exceptions on use; DRC will need to determine soon their budget for 2012; program works best when ideas that come from residents of the community; best ideas have tangible impacts on the neighborhood and can be seen 30 days after money is spent; a neighborhood’s NSP budget has to be presented to the membership 30 days in advance before it can be voted on; anyone who lives downtown can vote on the DRC NSP budget (even if not a DRC member) and those that live outside the downtown boundaries are not able to vote on how to spend the money; in 2012 the NSP amount is $5000
Question about past expenditures - Summer Youth Arts programs, Piatt Park decorating, a long time ago extra garbage cans to supplement city provided...; some other neighborhoods provide recreation programs....
DRC Member noted that it is important that all NSP money be spent by the end of 2012 so that City Council is comfortable continuing the program (use it or lose it); deadline is August to present to IIN

Adoption of February 2012 Meeting Minutes
Motion to adopt by Roger Ach and seconded by Rick Dieringer - all in favor

LaKeisha Cook with the Strive Partnership on the Be the Change (BTC) Tutoring Campaign
Strive Partnership is a collaboration of agencies and BTC is a new program to get tutors for CPS
Hays/Porter and Rothenberg current neighborhood schools in need of tutors
To sign up you’ll need to get a background first check for $5; afterwards you will be assigned to a 1 hour a week minimum and paired with a student; math and reading tutors needed for grades 3-8
Parents know you’re helping out; great results for students who are tutored (gone from C to mid-A on average)
Question about where needed most - 150 students at each school & partnering with any group you’d prefer
Pamphlets to sign up left on the back table and brochures on the program were passed around
If there are any questions LaKeisha noted she would be available after the meeting

Note: Lindsay Moore who was to present on “Red Cross Community Disaster Education” was unable to make the meeting due to the disaster relief operation for the recent tornadoes.


Nominating Committee Report - explained need for new board members; David Siders and Marty McGlinchey nominated for another term since their term has expired; Mike McManus and Tom Thinnes nominated as new members to the board; other nominations could be brought up now or in the next 30 days; motion to propose this slate for 2012; Janet Ach moved to adopt and seconded by Marty McGlinchey - all in favor; Rick Dieringer questioned if all three open positions would be filled - it was noted only two were recommended by the committee and eleven is only the maximum number of board members


Fido Field: Chris Wiedeman

  • Last month Balls Around the Block V raised $6,200 after nominal expenses for Fido Field
  • Fido Field is open 24 hours (but no water, benches or lighting yet)
  • Committed group of users keeping the dog recreation area up
  • Question about the padlocks that were put in place to keep out vagrants -they have been removed due to decreased brush and fencing
  • Erin Kidwell noted there are flyers for Fido Field in the back and we are looking for sponsors for benches (still pricing out)

Events Committee: Marty McGlinchey
TONIGHT: Join us after the meeting at Blue Wisp
March Social: Tuesday, March 20 at Palomino - Raised Dining Room Area any time after 5pm

Treasurer's Report: Mary Auer
Currently we have $9,678.53 with no additional checks pending

Government Relations Committee (NSP / 501c3): Mary Auer
Still having fun with 990EZ tax form (95% complete)

Membership Committee: Mike Glotfelter and Mike Governanti

  • Mike Glotfelter (residential) - February 16th was last committee meeting (held every three months) with 12-14 people in attendance; trying to establish a person in each building to be a representative of the DRC to engage them and distribute information; if you’re interested in being a representative for your building see me after the meeting; the DRC will provide materials
  • Mike Governanti (business) - each of the 12 members of the committee have committed to approach at least five businesses to get them to join the DRC; will be provided with a list of businesses to contact soon; we currently have about 50 member businesses with many providing discounts; important that we take advantage of the special offers; one business discontinuing their offers after only getting two takers last year; check out the website for businesses that have special offers for DRC members; if anyone here would like to contact a business see me after the meeting

Communications Committee: Susan Lennard
Special thanks to Lynne Smith for her slideshow that highlighted all the events going on downtown

Clean, Green and Safe Committee: David Siders

  • David Siders was not able to attend the meeting tonight
  • This year for the Great American Cleanup (end of April) the Path to Taft (PTT) was not chosen as the project this year due to recent city work occurring in the area; we will likely be doing overpass planters over Fort Washington Way instead
  • Lynne Smith has been working with David Siders on our bi-annual Community Priority Requests with the City of Cincinnati; projects chosen for improving downtown are the Path to Taft area improvements, an improved electrical system in Piatt Park and improved downtown wayfinding for pedestrians
  • Hugh Koon noted that the Lager House had good historical items as well as good food
  • Rick Dieringer - Ballet offer this weekend; flyers in back
  • Mike Glotfelter - Freedom way will close on Opening Day and St. Patrick’s Day events; 5th St will be closed for the Heart Mini-Marathon and St Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Cleaning service downtown is accepting new clients - cards in back; insured & bonded; provides own supplies
  • Ron Mosby 32nd District State Representative introduced himself and will be available after the meeting
  • Lisa Pinckney is a personal chef and services provider for P2 Concierge Service - provides restaurant quality meals by those trained at Cincinnati State; brochures in back
  • Chris Wiedeman noted Mayberry is now on Main Street next to Park+Vine; just grill food for now, but soon will have the permits to do full service
  • Janet Ach noted Visitors Center volunteer set their own schedule and is a fun place to work; see me after the meeting for details on signing up and other details

Approximately 40 people in attendance

Respectfully submitted by Ben Wissel - Recording Secretary.

Report and Submission of the 2012 Nominating Committee

March 13, 2012

The Members of the 2012 Nominating Committee are: Marty McGlinchey, Committee Chair Susan Lennard, Board Member Alison Kamine, Member at Large Conrad Thiede, Member at Large

Operating in accordance with Article VI of the Constitution of the Downtown Residents Council, the 2012 Nominating Committee has met, considered the needs of the organization, reviewed more than a dozen potential nominees, and is submitting this report and motion. Recommendations for nominees were received from more than 2 dozen people.

Current Board Members Retiring at the April 2012 Annual Meeting are:
Chris Smith
Ben Wissel
Chris Wiedeman
The Nominating Committee thanks these members for their service to the community.
The remaining 8 current board members are either up for re-election or continuing their current term.

The Nominating Committee recommends the following slate be considered at the April 10, 2012 Annual Meeting of the Downtown Residents Council:

The following current board members are recommended by the Nominating Committee for the 2012 slate of officers:
David Siders
Marty McGlinchey

The following members of the Downtown Residents Council are recommended by the Nominating Committee for inclusion on the 2012 slate of officers:
Tom Thinnes
Mike McManus

Thus, the full slate of officers recommended by the 2012 Nominating Committee is:
David Siders
Marty McGlinchey
Tom Thinnes
Mike McManus

Each nominee received unanimous support from the committee, and Ms. McGlinchey abstained from the vote in which her names was being considered.

This completes the report of the 2012 Nominating Committee. Please move to accept this report and place the four-person slate into consideration for a vote of membership at the April 2012 Annual Meeting of the Downtown Residents Council.