Downtown Residents' Council Meetings & Activities

February 14, 2012 Member Meeting

Date of meeting: Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Time/Location: 6:00 PM, Cincinnati Public Library (800 Vine St.)

Welcome and Introductions

President Chris Smith called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Cincinnati Police Department: Monthly Report
Capt. Kim Frey (352-5435) is 31 year veteran with the CPD; Chief Craig has done a reorganization creating a new Central Business Section (CBS), and Capt. Frey is now responsible for this newly designated area including the Downtown Services Unit, Special Events Unit and Mounted Patrol; 50 officers assigned to the CBS with own investigators; biggest crime is still theft from autos (TFA); most recent TFA suspects picked up think of downtown as a shopping center; GPS systems still in big demand, but thieves are looking for any open cap on a car’s cigarette lighter which indicates electronic devices in a car; be sure to stow your belongings; new campaign being developed to follow on the previous “put your junk in your trunk” campaign; two days ago a valet was confronted by two men with a screwdriver and took his car keys; arrest made and suspect confessed (crime of opportunity); TFA thief was recently caught after looking into cars while wearing a baby carrier to store stolen goods; individuals are also putting fake bar fliers on windshields as a way to look into cars for valuables Sgt. Voegler - Please call in any suspicious behavior (911 if emergency or 765-1212 if non-emergency, but don’t forget 911 is perfectly OK)

P.O. Neack
Question about fights around the library - doing curfew sweeps, but some people legitimately and illegitimately claiming they attend Virtual Academy which has half day in classes; principal of Virtual Academy came to the library after the last fight and expelled people involved in a fight and warned others

Cincinnati Fire Department - no report

Adoption of January 2012 Meeting Minutes
Motion to adopt by Susan Lennard and seconded by Tom Thinnes - all in favor


Casino Neighborhood Working Group (CNWG) Letter of Support - Chris Smith presented the attached letter and explanation of CNWG's purpose; Chris Smith calls for a vote to approve the DRC's participation in the CNWG; Lynne Smith motioned for the DRC to join the CNWG and seconded by Ed - all in favor

Recognition Presentation - Chris Smith noted all Conrad Thiede has done for the community and the DRC to bring us to the level we are now; the DRC has purchased a memorial brick at the Public Library in his honor ("Conrad Thiede, Downtown, DRC, and Public Library Supporter")


Stephen Samuels - Bridging Broadway

  • Thanked the DRC for allowing him to present to us in the past
  • Next steps: 1) Getting the Casino Neighborhoods Working Group (spearheaded by Roxanne Qualls office) represented by all local neighborhoods as well as 3CDC, DCI, CDF (Cincinnati Development Fund) Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the City of Cincinnati and the Casino, 2) Creating a casino Site Interim Development Control District (IDC) as a first step emergency plan to head off sexual businesses and gambling/sweepstakes cafes that have been requesting to open up near the casino; plan is to complement the neighborhood with quality businesses; now that this interim/emergency plan has been developed, everyone within a half mile of the casino will get a notice for public comment on a permanent Casino Overlay District; 3) Public art and other improvements to the casino area; ~$17million responsibility by the casino with use of TIF dollars to use to improve the area's infrastructure; looking to use a portion of the money to provide for better materials and items like art, benches and bike racks; $6million by the city adjacent to the site has a bit more flexibility with $100,000 set aside for public art, 4) Local employment initiative so that those that live in the area are truly included in the job opportunities
  • Bridging Broadway meetings are on the last Monday of every month at the library and everyone is invited to attend or even apply to be on the board
  • Check out for more details
  • Question about how existing businesses like the bail bonds business affected by the new district - existing businesses grandfathered in and not affected

Marshall McHenry, M.D. & Elizabeth Ruchhoft-Kissinger, Gynecologist (Peggy Heis, Gynecologist)

  • Dr. McHenry - Itnernist who has worked downtown for many years
  • Elizabeth Ruchhoft-Kissinger - Received her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati and completed her residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas; 17 years in practice; just moved her entire practice downtown so that downtowners can get the better access to medical care (obstetrics, gynecology, kids, minimally invasive surgery, etc...)
  • Christ Hospital doctors are at the Scripps Center (312 Walnut St) Suite 1160; goal of increased service being offered with an MD at the downtown office every day
  • Conrad Thiede noted we get a lot of questions about doctors downtown and Dr. McHenry is always highly recommended

Fido Field: Chris Wiedeman
Three entrances and signage has been put up; use B-A-R-K if there is a lock in place

Events Committee: Marty McGlinchey
TONIGHT: Join us after the meeting Knockback Nats
Planning on occasional impromptu socials with notifications posted on the Facebook page
The DRC will post announcements on the Facebook page for any important updates and events from members of the community

Treasurer's Report: Mary Auer
Mary will handle taking depositing money and reporting until Craig Hudson returns from vacation
The DRC started 2012 with $7357.07 and today we have a balance of $8,309

Government Relations Committee (NSP / 501c3): Mary Auer
Mary has registered the DRC for 2011 with the Ohio Attorney General
Mary is filling out IRS Form 1099EZ form for the DRC now

Membership Committee: Mike Glotfelter
Membership forms are in back
Thursday night is the DRC's Membership Committee meeting; the meeting is open to committee members or DRM members who would want to join the committee

Communications Committee: Susan Lennard
No update

Clean, Green and Safe Committee: David Siders

  • At the most recent Downtown Cincinnati Inc. (DCI) Safe and Clean meeting earlier this month they encouraged use of the website; the website is the place to report clean, green and safe issues in the city; David Siders highlighted how to use the website
  • World Choir Games - Park Board is going to deploy 500 flower pots to the neighborhood in part as a way to do wayfinding (the DRC may take part in an adopt-a-pot program); the DRC will be partnering with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) for the Great American Cleanup (GAC) on potentially fixing up some of the landscaping on the overpasses over Fort Washington Way and/or planters outside US Bank arena (get ready to roll up your sleaves)
  • Mayor's Recycling Challenge this year is all about curbside totes and we have very few of those in the Central Business District; Metrics: 1) can report unused carts on the website, 2) number of people with totes signing up for RecycleBank and 3) recycling tote usage; City is considering ways to include our communal recycling
  • Concerns about Piatt Park shrubbery stashing - no Park Board update; Conrad Thiede noted the history of the issue with people using the bushes in Piatt Park near the Harrison Statue to stash items like drugs in the park (as well as damaging the bushes); Towne Properties, LPK and Garfield Tower donates money to keep up the this public park; Towne Properties is proceeding with seasonal planters in place of the bushes
  • Yevette Simpson thanked everyone for all service to the community; Vice-Chair of the Livable Communities Committee (and member of other committees); noted will be available after the meeting and at the social afterwards for dialog and answering any questions
  • Jim Bucho noted Bockfest weekend is March 2-4; event includes a parade, historic brewery tours and many venues in OTR celebrating the event; tours include a new brewery tunnels near Washington Platform; visit to sign up
  • Julie Carpenter noted the Betts House is hosting speaker Dr. Hough at the Mercantile Library who will be speaking about her research on the historic New Madrid earthquakes as well as her biography of Ohio native Charles Richter; program starts at 6:30pm and admission is $15 ($10 if you're a Betts member or Mercantile member); flyers are in back and reservations are requested
  • Representative from Charlie Winburn's office - left numbers of contacts at city hall and extended thanks to all those that support the community
  • Chris Smith noted that at 1pm Friday the streetcar will have its groundbreaking celebration at Memorial Hall

Approximately 35 people in attendance

Respectfully submitted by Ben Wissel - Recording Secretary.